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there will mean continued support for him and his extended stay at the dorian embassy in the united kingdom public opinion throughout latin america has grown very weary with u.s. intervention and u.k. interventions throughout the continent which is just like because we were going to believe you even argentina brazil. are having governments are keeping very much for arm's length from the united states there are of certain status quo of your for different reasons and surely which is a traditional hello of the you know you can go however i would i would say that the opposition hardly stands a chance of winning especially since most of them took root or or a lesser degree are pro-u.s. for the headlines this hour a series of car bomb blasts in baghdad killed at least twenty eight people left over one hundred more injured explosions hand in mainly shiite areas of the iraqi capital as shoppers attended outdoor markets no group was here to admitted the attacks plus a broader number of deaths than in the region to more than two hundred fifty since the start of the year. in pakistan people taken to the streets on mass to demand
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better security from the government day after eighty one residents were killed in the city of quitter protests have been held in karachi and islamabad saturday's attack was carried out by a sunni militant group an attack in the same city five weeks ago saw a huge blast in the snooper hall which killed more than one thousand people. in warsaw have clashed with demonstrators protesting against the independence of kosovo officers used battens against crowds who fought back by throwing flares at police meanwhile the parades been held in kosovo marking the fifth anniversary of its independence from serbia the santa clara public proclaimed its sovereignty in two thousand and eight. she could face a death penalty in her native afghanistan for converting from islam to christianity a young girl's no been allowed to stay here in russia as a refugee than after she was his own bio family for changing her beliefs that is within a caution of reports. the real was born in afghanistan by two thousand and eleven
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she and her family arrived in russia in a small town in the prone region in search of a better life her father pleaded for asylum but it was denied because there was no evidence that either he or his family were threatened with political religious or ethnic persecution by afghan authorities that was when rumors real hard breaking story began while living in russia she started worshipping in local churches and last november converted from islam to christianity it was a friend of my brother who should. know i go to the local church i can still be allowed to stand with the priests are seeing i read the bible in arabic but i did it because everyone has a choice she says that for her father it was a betrayal here could not overcome her family flats leaving her behind quickly she realized she was old lone in an unknown country barely spoke the language and faced
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deportation but going back to have vanished down would mean aggers a-q. sion for recounting islam under the country's shari'a based law of damage done is one of the most hazardous countries in the world for christians in early two thousand and eleven a video was circulated showing to be having a christian convert. by the muslim taleban there are many more similar cases some christians are thankfully see from agassi q after international pressure others are not so lucky it's a problem that's hard to quantify where was already in a russian deportation center when she appealed to the authorities again it's given her of the chance to start a new life and find a job and hopefully leave behind the threat of being killed for changing her beliefs. we'll keep you posted when she gets on israel with
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a stray or maybe on the brink of a diplomatic spat prisoner with jule nationality for countries commit suicide despite being held in a highly secured jail or straightly no one's answers are still comes a place from the story also the parents who perched on forty meter high crane for almost two days forgot about to we'll tell you what sparked this frenchman's desperation. but next the vatican are scrambling to choose a new pope after benedict the sixteenth stern catholics in the week but unexpectedly announcing his resignation the pontiff said his poor health led to his decision to be the first pope to quit in six hundred years somebody blamed the numerous child abuse scandals and cover ups across the catholic church and to abuse campaigner barbara doris believes the pope just didn't do enough to address speed affiliate during his eight years in charge. we believe that he other words he showed there
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were still from the priesthood he apologized to the victims but he took no action he didn't discipline a single church official for hiding enabling shielding to predators or you know moving them from country to country from diocese to diocese so until he does that nothing has changed and we believe the words were just empty empty promises we have a bishop in the united states that was convicted of child endangerment and is still being allowed to run a diocese the message is clear if you follow the company like if you keep this secret if you put the reputation of the church above this of the children then you will be promoted what a terrible message to send many people no longer trust church officials like they did in the past and that's a very sad statement that you can't trust your bishops. the opinion makers the news makers talk to us very shortly the head of a major economic and diplomatic organizations talked to president putin about russia's potential membership coming up and how good a of the o.e.c.d.
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on currency was the robin hood and russia's future of the group next. all those north korean scamps are at it again another nuclear test in north korea has made all the headlines trust me nuclear missiles are something worth being concerned over but haven't we heard this song and dance before all the way back in two thousand and two the north koreans according to the b.b.c. ruled that they have a secret weapons program and turned their young beyond nuclear reactor back on since then every once in a while a missile flies and people see the war is coming and silence then another test of some sort shock horror and then silence again north korea just uses this is a bargaining tool to get what they want and rather how wacky the north korean state may seem they understand that launching one or two missiles against united states means they probably won't even hit their target and in return their entire country
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will be turned into ash instantly this situation really isn't cause for concern until something big changes like the u.s. not being in a position to support south korea japan or some other dramatic event that changes the game like china giving up their support for the north korean side but for now the cycle just keep going on and on and about two years the same headlines will be back with the same fear will be back lather rinse repeat but that's just my opinion . more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day.
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choose your language. of holy week over the influential going to say still some. choose to use the consensus here to. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that in high school might. choose the access to your office. i never knew adam lanza person but i was in the same high school as that he was younger than me just a little bit younger. i always thought he was different i always intercity funny he rarely talks and you don't use a shy kid. i don't know of anyone who is friends with him i also don't know of anyone who is particularly mean to the what i do know is that it was very clear that this person was not like everybody else.
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can imagine the level of mental illness that would be present to murder show. america's hero so when you go on news there would be an american behind every tree with a gun. i think for kids growing up in this environment is good for them at an early age to least see the gun and respected because they need to know what kind of damage it can do. this is our first task as a society. keeping our children safe. this is how we will be judged.
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by juggling john kerry do hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another well behind it which is. how to influence the institutions steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office and found banners hanging around the office and lots of strange faces around so i said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police to have the police
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come in through the mild but it didn't seem to be a good idea of toll learn the european way with brussels business and in the more pressing it's one person one fault but in brussels baseness it's one euro one fault .
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and. and. reviving global economic growth as one of the priorities for the g twenty summit that will take place here in russia here but the key to achieving that is setting the right policies to discuss what these policies should be i'm joined by on him. the head of the organization for economic cooperation and development thank you so much for joining me sir during this visit to moscow you had a chance to meet with russia's president vladimir putin was rushes been to join the
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always discussed was almost the only topic because we did not have time to discuss too many more we discuss the g twenty also the accession of russia into the o.e.c.d. is for us of a game changer and it's going to be very important russia is very large economy it's a very important presence in the world of energy it's a very important presence in all these international fora accent and so we really are very interested very excited about the bus ability of having as a member and i think russia can benefit also from being in an institution that is not about lending money is not about giving grants it's not about the fixing economies that are not broken it's about policy discussions about what are the best possible policies and therefore what can be the best practices.
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that russia can adopt we're not going to tell russia what to do with russia we're going to develop the russians what other countries in the world are doing about the same problem of health care the same problem of education the same problem with innovation the same problem with research and development the same problem with the tax structures the same problem with the deficit whatever you just mentioned taxation and that's definitely one of the big issues that you're working on in particular with this. this. trying to work with this scheme that many companies use to avoid paying taxes and these are big companies we're talking about including google and you know a number of others. what then amazon of course and starbucks and so on these are the big names but there are plenty of companies i don't want to refer to any company in particular because there are thousands.


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